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It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience with us. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here’s just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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Cash For Homes

The best experience I have ever had with a real estate company or agent went out of their way, they were available 24 hours 7 days a week even helped me with escrow and LA county. they are the best. if I could i would give it 6 stars instead of 5

Cash For Homes

My husband and I needed to sell our home in Desert Hot Springs quickly. We were not quite sure what to do. I found a phone number for a company, Cash For Homes, that offered fast cash offers so I decide to call. I spoke with Kimberly Cortes and was instantly very comfortable. She worked around my schedule to come out and see the property. Kimberly and her husband Jose came out to view the house together. Once they walked through our house they gave us an ALL CASH offer without any repairs and agreed to pay all the escrow and title fees. The offer was fair and we accepted it. Not only did they give us the cash offer but also helped us with the purchase of our new home. They spoke with our Realtor and the escrow company and made everything go VERY easy. We even got to pick our closing date. They also agreed to let us stay in the house for 10 days after escrow closed so that we could move into our new home. That REALLY helped us a lot. I was very pleased with Cash For Homes. Jose and Kimberly were easy to work with and kept all their promises.

Cash For Homes

I contacted Cash For Homes to sell my home. I wanted a fast and simple offer. That is what they gave me. They made me a fair offer and closed escrow within the time that they promised. I was very pleased with their company. They kept their promises and I would recommend their company if you need to sell quick.

Cash For Homes

“They kept all their promises so we closed quickly and without hassle…”

When I had to sell my sister’s condo in Redlands after her passing, I knew that I didn’t want to go through the long drawn out process of a traditional probate sale. I called Kimberly Cortes with Cash for Homes after receiving one of their postcards in the mail. We spoke on the phone and arranged a time for her visit to the condo. She came to the condo with her husband and daughter and after a quick inspection, made me an all cash offer on the spot. They were kind enough after driving to Redlands to take the offer to my attorney’s office in Redlands for him to review as well. After speaking with my attorney, I decided to accept their all cash offer. Kimberly remained in contact with me throughout the process frequently, and they kept all their promises so we closed quickly and without hassle. I would certainly recommend Cash for Homes to anyone who wanted a quick, easy sale.

Thank you!!

Cash For Homes

“Their mission statement of truthful, honest and fair is exactly how they work…”

We just closed escrow on a problem property we wanted to unload with a venomous ½ interest partner that was near impossible to work with, and even squashed the deal twice.

The only reason we accomplished the sale of this black mold, leaky roofed house with all sorts of room additions that had not been permitted and even with asbestos in the piping was due to the hard honest work of Kimberly Cortes and her team at The Way Realty and Escrow.

They are a family business and I am so grateful that I was fortunate enough to have found Kimberly.
She walked us through the process honestly with baby steps.

When other investors offered more money she was gracious and said if we wanted to go with them she was ok with that but be careful because they might try to take advantage of us and ask for price reductions later. She was of course correct and still willing to work with us and did a lot of the work for us that she did not have to do.

Thank You so much to The Way Realty and Escrow.

Cash For Homes

“They really walked me through the entire process!!”

When I spoke to Ashley I had already received multiple offers from other investors. I was going to go through foreclosure because of some fraud that occurred and set me back on my payments. She came out to my house with her family since they work together and they made me an offer right there. I let them know that I was going to move to a mobile home that I was purchasing, and they agreed to work with me time wise. They even helped to facilitate the close of my mobile home by wiring my down payment to the mobile home escrow, speaking to the agent handling my mobile home sale and when the escrow closed a bit late they let me stay in the house after my home closed until the mobile home was ready!  Thank you!

Cash For Homes

“They agreed to take on all the repairs and worked with me on a time frame to relocate my wife and myself…”

I contacted Cash For Homes in hopes of selling my home in Temecula. I meet with Jose and Kimberly Cortes. They made me a fair and straightforward offer to purchase my home.

I was a bit apprehensive going in because I had several investors giving me offers. I was not sure who I could trust. When I accepted the offer from Jose and Kimberly I told her I really hope I can trust you. She replied “don’t worry when this is all over you will be thanking me.”

She was so right. Not only did they keep their promises but also helped me get a trash bin in my driveway to help me start the de-cluttering and packing process. They gave me referrals to moving companies and really went out of their way to make the process easy for my sick wife and me.

I am grateful I met Jose, Kimberly and their entire team. They worked hard to make the process easy for me and I am grateful!

Cash For Homes

“They gave me options and did not take advantage of me…”

Ashley and Kimberly Cortes of The Way Realty really helped me with the sale of my home in Whitewater, CA. I called them hoping for a cash offer but they felt I could get more selling it in on the open market. They were right and it paid off. I am so grateful I listened to them. Thanks Kimberly and Ashley!!

Cash For Homes

“I needed to sell very fast…”

I was going thru a divorce and if we could not sell fast we would loose it to foreclosure. Kimberly, Ashley and their team got us an offer FAST, worked with the bank to postpone the trustees sale and helped us close in time to avoid foreclosure! I am so grateful.

Cash For Homes

“We were tight on our equity…”

Kimberly and Ashley helped my wife and I sell our home in Lake Elsinore. We were tight on our equity and they worked hard and even cut their commission drastically to get the job done. We are glad we met them and had the chance to work with them.

Cash For Homes

“She and her staff gently walked us through the process of selling our family home…”

Our 91 year old mom had been ill and I was dreading the day we would have to get her home ready to sale.  It seemed like such a big job, not only with her belongings, but the emotions of losing the only mom we had ever had.  Then there was the task of finding a reputable realtor, then a buyer for our moms home in need of some repairs.

My sister and brother in law, along with my husband decided that maybe we should look into some companies that would buy houses as is- I reluctantly agreed.  After “interviewing” several, my sister couldn’t stop thinking about one of the first people she had met, Kimberly Cortes!  Soon, I could see why my sister had such a great feeling about Kimberly and her company!! It had been my home growing up- I’m now 53!  A lot of memories there!

I can’t thank Kimberly enough for her professional wisdom and caring heart!  She made the process as easy as it could be, given the circumstances of just losing our mom.  I highly recommend her company to anyone looking to sell their home, especially if it’s a home that needs tender love and care or tons of work!  I can reassure you that you’ll be in the best hands with their team!  I know that our mom and the great Lord above was watching out for us by sending a reliable and reputable company!  So grateful!!!

Cash For Homes

“We closed really fast and they did everything they said they would…”

After my husband passed away I really needed to sell the home we lived in together. I called some cash buyers and talked to several people. Honestly, I was really nervous about working with any of them. I talked to Kimberly with Cash For Homes and she seemed very nice. Her and Her husband came to visit me at my house. They made me a fair ALL CASH offer right then and there. I decided to take their offer. I am glad I went with them.

Cash For Homes

“Well I want everyone to know they did exactly that…”

My wife and I fell in to some very hard financial times about a year ago after I lost my job. Unfortunately, it left us behind several months on our house payments. I really did not want to sell my home to be honest with you.  We just could not seem to find a way to bring the payments current on our home. The bank was set to foreclosure on our house within a few days. They were extremely honest with me. They explained that we would have to work very quickly to get the foreclosure sale on my house postponed. They were prepared to pay off the arrears if necessary so we would have enough time to finish a sale. They worked VERY hard communicating with my bank over the next two days. They were actually able to get the sale postponed within the last few HOURS before it was going to go to foreclosure. We entered escrow and they kept every promise they made. I would highly recommend calling Jose and Kimberly if you are in trouble. They are honest people and they keep their promises! Thank you!

Cash For Homes

“Kimberly and her team were very trustworthy…”

I owned a condo in Palm Desert that I wanted to sell quickly. After speaking with several investors about the property I decided to accept an offer from Cash For Homes. My wife and I have sold many properties over the years and we know the issues that can arise if the buyers do not hold true to their promises. Her escrow department helped me resolve a few issues during escrow at no extra fee or charge. I really appreciate the help they provided and that they kept their promises.